Cold Laser Treatment for Low Back Pain

Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain Treatment Dallas-Fort Worth

Two Classifications of Back Pain

  • Acute Back Pain: This type of low back pain is short-lived – lasting anywhere from a few days up to a month – and usually experienced as an intense and sudden pain in the lumbar region.  Acute low back pain typically occurs when the lumbar spine is injured, but it can swiftly develop into a more serious problem if left untreated or ignored.
  • Chronic Back Pain: The more serious of the two, chronic back pain is usually a sign of more serious injury or disease.  In order to be considered chronic, the lower back pain must persist for two or more months.

Whether your back pain is acute or chronic Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain Treatment Program may be able to help you experience relief without injections, medications or back surgery.

Causes of Back Pain

Many of us have experienced low back pain; in fact, studies show that up to 80% of the US population will experience pain in the lower back at some point in their lives.  Thanks to our largely sedentary lifestyles, chronic low back pain has become an increasingly common complaint, with more doctors than ever reporting a surge in patients with chronic lower back pains. Most common causes of back pain:

  • Injury
  • Aging
  • Improper Posture
  • Weight Gain
  • Sedentary Lifestyle

Injuries, improper posture, aging, weight gain, and a sedentary lifestyle can all cause conditions such as low back muscle injuries, herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, and stenosis in the low back. The good news is that Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain Treatment Program was developed for treating back pain and inflammation from these conditions.

Symptoms of Back Pain

While back pain isn’t limited to any age group, low back pain becomes an increasingly common complaint in the 60+ age group.  If you’ve been suffering from back pain, your symptoms may include:

  • Shooting pains in the lower back region;
  • A chronic back ache that’s worse in the mornings and evenings;
  • Back pains that become worse while standing or moving;
  • Back stiffness;
  • A feeling of numbness or pain in the legs;
  • And pain in certain sleeping positions, such as lying on your side.

After completing Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain Treatment Program most patient’s report that the majority of their back pain symptoms have been resolved.

Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain: An Effective, Non-Surgical Back Pain Solution

At the Atlas Medical Center in Irving TX, near Dallas and Fort Worth, Dr. Robert Hanson D.C., takes a different approach to resolving your lower back pain.  Dr. Hanson’s Cold laser therapy for back pain treatment Program is an alternative treatment for those seeking a non-surgical solution to acute or chronic back pain.  Cold laser therapy for back pain works by reducing inflammation, pain and it helps heal and repair tissues that are damaged and injured that are causing back pain.

First, Dr. Hanson will consult with you and perform a thorough examination of your lower back.  He will then take any necessary x-rays of your lower back or he will review recent x-rays or MRI or other diagnostics to help facilitate his diagnosis.  If he believes that you are candidate for his Cold Laser Therapy for Back Pain Treatment Program he will recommend a treatment plan that is designed for your condition.

Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser Therapy for back pain Treatment Program is world renowned and combines cold laser therapy back pain treatment along with spinal decompression therapy and physiotherapy to provide individuals with a non-invasive, painless, and most importantly effective solution for the treatment of back pain.

If you are looking for a non-surgical solution, call our office at 214-596-1051 for a consultation/evaluation to see if Dr. Hanson’s Cold Laser Therapy Program can help you.

Cold Laser Therapy Back Pain Treatment Dallas-Fort Worth

Dr.Hanson offers cold laser therapy for back pain treatment in Dallas-Fort Worth with spinal decompression and other therapies at the Atlas Medical Center.

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